Walking on Sunshine

I am new to South Florida, having just arrived from Chicago about six weeks ago to join the Jupiter Medical Center team as Medical Director of the Breast Care program. While I am enjoying the warm weather and the people are so lovely, what I am most excited about is leading a team dedicated to providing stellar care to women in our community. From the innovative diagnostic tools to the highly-qualified breast imaging specialists at the Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center to the cutting-edge surgeries and innovative treatments we offer, we take a 360-degree approach to treating patients, enabling us to provide comprehensive and compassionate care.

The Comprehensive Breast Care Program is unique because it is a multidisciplinary center for breast health, designed with the patient in mind. This means that patients get thorough, thoughtful, efficient and personalized attention for all aspects of their care, from diagnostic tests through recovery and follow-up. 

We have two fellowship-trained breast mammographers who complete all of our imaging. Results can be read on the same day as the mammography exam by our radiologists, dramatically decreasing the stress of waiting to receive test results. 

Answering questions about treatment options is a critical aspect of this process; as a surgeon, my key role involves analyzing what types of procedures would be best for each patient. But there are many other aspects to treatment, and for these we have on-site nutritionists, physical therapists and genetic counselors at Jupiter Medical Center. 

Patients meet with each of our professionals in order to gain an inclusive view of what their treatment and recovery will include. I lead our Breast Center team in its effort to make sure we are providing a complete and comprehensive treatment plan. Each team member is committed to spending as much time as is necessary to answer questions, providing each patient with information and doing their best to put her mind at ease. 

Our full-service consultation approach is becoming increasingly important as a larger percentage of patients are directing their treatment choices. Industry leaders in breast health now often refer to shift as the “Angelina Jolie Effect.” Ms. Jolie elected to do a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy after testing positive for the breast cancer gene (her mother died from the disease several years earlier), but before being diagnosed. As a result, more women are entering into our consultation requesting this form of treatment. My job is to provide our patients with a range of choices, so that once we have gotten to know them and understand what is important to them, we can make decisions together.

I specialize in oncoplastics, which is a plastic surgery approach to breast cancer, and so as a fellowship-trained breast surgeon, I felt that it was important to continue to grow the surgical component of the Breast Program. 

We have two surgical advances that are frequently utilized at our center. The first is intraoperative radiation, which involves receiving radiation while simultaneously getting a lumpectomy. The second, which I personally specialize in, is Hidden ScarTM surgery. The goal with this procedure is to remove all traces of cancer from the breast, while leaving the breast looking as natural and intact as possible, with the potential for a small, inconspicuous scar. This technique is being practiced more frequently in the field, so I brought the method to the Breast Center. The Hidden Scar technique does take more time, because of the amount of precision involved. However, it involves a much shorter recovery period, which can be beneficial to patients.

As a medical director, I oversee every element of our practice, from diagnostics to treatment to recovery. In the end, the emphasis of the Comprehensive Breast Care Program at Jupiter Medical Center is very simple - we want the best for our patients, and we come together to provide care that works for each individual patient. The goal?  Years of enjoying the sunshine in South Florida.